Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday, March 19th - Nome mid morning

Good Morning!
Excuse my spelling and grammar as I don't have much time to write.
Bruce made it to Elim this morning. He called from Koyuk yesterday afternoon and was in good spirits, though he ready for his race to be done. The dogs are working as a unit, still eating up every morsel and looking great. He is really happy with their performance and said Cindy is going to have one hell of a team for the Taiga Race in April.

He anticpates a mid-morning finish tomorrow - Friday and now not only does he want to come in top 30, he wants to beat his time from last year by at least a minute, as he is on the same schedule this year as he was last year.

No more sympathy from me. I told him to cut his rest times and get going!!! The dogs are fine and ready to get this race over with too. It is a beautiful day in Nome and the teams are starting to come in pretty regularly. Brody is having a super time with all his new friends at the church.

Looking forward to the next message I write because it will have his finish time!
Until then, Happy Trails and thanks for reading.
Melissa and Brody


Linda said...

Go, Bruce, go!

Melissa, thanks for sharing your stories! They make the race so much more exciting as we cheer Bruce's little green box along the red trail line. I have the deepest admiration for all his accomplishments and yours--it's no easy task being the one who waits at home.

Thank you as well for posting the musher gram information. My 12-year-old son, Christopher (a type 1 diabetic himself), was thrilled to be able call and send his support out to the trail. He was also wondering if Bruce has one of those spiffy continuous glucose monitors. He did not like the picture of Bruce bouncing along on a sled trying to check with a meter--too easy to drop the darn thing, and that's lost minutes in the race!

Wishing you all a happy reunion in Nome (in less than last year's time),
Linda & Christopher in NH

Judi said...

Go Bruce!!!!
Nome awaits you!
Happy to hear you are settled in Nome and things are well with the team and Bruce. Wow! What a race and crazy spin of events; weather, wind, excitement, it's all there.
Thanks for keeping us informed Melissa.