Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Pat's Day - 3/17/09 a.m.

Tuesday Morning – St. Pat’s Day 3/17/09 a.m.

Good morning and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Thanks for those of you responding to my updates via email or the blog. I appreciate the communication and the questions.
I did not watch Bruce last night on the computer. He called a second time and said, if I don’t call back, I am leaving. And he never called. I assumed he would be leaving with a fellow musher, and he did. It is always good to know there are a few of them traveling together. He also said he wanted to make it to the half way point where there was a new cabin waiting. I think he just wanted to check out the new cabin (Bruce loves to explore and seek out cool structures like that)… I sure he will have some ideas for our cabin if he was coherent enough to take mental notes or even a picture or two.

Anyway, he made it and he and the dogs are resting now. He most likely will leave sometime this morning for Unalakleet. He left Kaltag with all 11 dogs which is awesome. I see some of his traveling partners are down to 9 and even 7 dogs. That has got to be tough going!

More to come later… I will be driving to Anchorage today with Brody in preparation for our departure to Nome.

May the wind be at your back now Bruce and pups!!!

Oh yeah, as you know, due to the GPS system this year, mushers are not allowed to check their email. So, the notes of encouragement you send are not getting to him directly. If you want to leave a musher gram, he will get a hand written note with your words. All you have to do is call headquarters and ask to leave a musher gram. The number is 907-248-MUSH.

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Judi said...

Very cool! Thanks for the information about the musher gram. I didn't know there was such a thing. I will let one of the kids call tomorrow.
Have a safe trip!