Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th - Day 6, Melissa's Post

Friday, March 13 2009 – Day 6

Tonight is the night all let’s loose. TGIF and it is the beginning of my school district’s spring break! As hard as I try to hold it together, it seems there is always a pivotal point during the race where you miss your loved one, fear for their safe return, start to miss them immensely, and wish them to run as fast as they can to just get the hell home! Not to mention the tears that help you fall asleep after the adrenaline from the start day has worn off. I only wish Brody could understand what a phenomenal feat his father is undertaking right now. It is truly incredible!

Today, Friday the 13th lived up to expectations. I can’t go into detail, but I am thankful Cindy is here to help manage the situation. No matter what the end brings, it is all part of what we do and that is the way it is.

Moving on to Bruce…. He rested in Iditarod today. For me it seemed like forever before he got moving again, but he has been religious in sticking with his run/rest schedule. Leaving at 2:00 p.m. was what I calculated, though I wish he left earlier.

Not sure how his strategy will go from here. He has 12 dogs left – strong dogs – but only 12. He needs to start decreasing his rest regimen in order to stay in good standings. Mentally, I feel he is ready for the sleep deprivation and he will not sacrifice his need for sleep by staying behind. His glucose monitoring system is key here because he will need to differentiate when he feels sugar lows versus sleep deprivation. His sensors are working so I am hopeful this is a non-issue.

Bruce is determined and focused – this is a good thing! Bruce and I are both people that when they see something, they do everything in their power and means to get what they want. Bruce wants to place in the top 30 – that is his goal this year.

For me, I will stay close to the computer this weekend and I am thankful the next few runs are shorter distances to each checkpoint. There is one more long run – up the Yukon and I hope for St. Pat’s day the wind is at his back (or non-exisitant!).

I am not sure when I will hear from Bruce next… Maybe Unalakleet, or not at all? Who knows?

Happy Trails,

Melissa and Brody

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Judi said...

Great Job Bruce!
Thanks for the update. Not having to worry about school obligations sounds like a great relief, especially with everything happening at once. By reading blogs like yours and Donna King's posts on Husky Homestead, fans get a sense of what it is like to be in your shoes. Your insight and observations help us understand what an incredible undertaking this race is the mushers,their families and the incredible dogs.
It sounds like everyone at No Limits make this team a success on many levels.
We're behind you all the way!