Friday, March 20, 2009

There is no place like NOME!

About 8:30 a.m. I took off in -10 degrees to meet Bruce out on the trail. About an hour into the ride, we caught up with him. He had already passed Safety and was on his way to Nome. He did not recognize me at first, and when he realized it was me, he asked “What are you doing here?”…

Anyway, we did not hold him and the team up long. In another hour, he made it across the finish line in 28th place. He ended up passing another musher who was teasing him so to speak… trying to make it a race. Bruce’s competitive edge came out and after he left White Mountain, he caught up to that team, and with he smile, he probably said “on by”…

Thought the dogs looked great, this race definitely did a number on Bruce. He has some pretty serious frostbite on one finger and the typical sore hands, legs and feet. He will need to take some time off from the dog yard because his finger cannot be exposed to any bacteria or dirt. His diabetes will only exacerbate the problem if the blister does not heal properly. The ER gave him some Tylenol with codine so he should be able to sleep at night. Any way, his finger will hear eventually, we just need to keep a good eye on it.

The dogs are great! They are still eating away and were even barking at the finish line Unbelievable!!! We are so proud of Cindy for getting our dogs to where they needed to be to have a super finish! Without her, like I have said, Bruce would have never made it to the start line.

We have lots of pictures coming and we will update tomorrow. Gotta go feed those dogs!!!

Happy Trails,


Judi said...

Congrats Bruce! We are very proud of you and enjoyed cheering you on! We heard the wind was incredibly strong. Yikes!
Super big high five for all at No Limits Sled Dog Kennel!
Judi Roach
& Class

Kate Pillsbury DVM said...

Congratulations!!! A fantastic finish. Pretty brutal weather this year. Had hoped to volunteer in Koyuk this year, but work committments made it impossible. I asked for my daughter Erika and her boyfriend Kyle to look out for you.

Am hoping I may be able to make it out to Koyuk for the 2010 iditarod.
Will you be racing again. Hopefully I can support your team next year.

Here's hoping for a swift and complete recovery. Again, congratulations!!!

Linda said...

Congratulations Bruce!!

May your injuries heal quickly but the excitement of your accomplishments linger. Well done to you and your team--and your home team too!

My son Christopher adds:

"Very good job! I admire you for accomplishing your goal through all the nasty and brutal weather."

Linda & Christopher from NH

Laura said...


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