Sunday, March 15, 2009

3/15/09 - Sunday am Eagle River

Sunday, March 15 2009 - am Melissa's Post

Waiting is part of the Iditarod game for the ones left behind. The days go by incredibly slow and I try to fill each minute with something to do. Town is 25 miles away from where we live and I will travel there a couple times a day just to kill and hour or two.

Now it is time to start packing bags – this year I have a little one in tow, so I am not sure how I am going to make it work. I might just break down and pay for the extra bag fee of $25.00 to make my life a little easier. Bruce will have nothing when he gets to Nome, besides a dirty snow suit, and a pair of two week old underwear. LOVELY! No shoes, baseball hat, etc… The last two years, he basically goes to sleep before eating a meal and wakes up saying - "you didn't bring that - what were you thinking?"

The church that hosts us while in Nome is ready and waiting for us. We have spent the last two race finishes with the Baptist Missionaries and it is like home away from home. Brenda, “the boss,” called just yesterday to let me know they are anxiously awaiting our arrival. They have a crib, high chair and baby jogger waiting for Brody, not to mention some moms who can’t wait to babysit! I am also looking forward to the fresh Alaska King Crab dinner they have when the mushers come in. There is nothing like it!

Bruce called before he left Grayling. He sounded tired and a little discouraged that he was dropping back in the standings. However, he did say he was really pleased with his and the dogs progress so far and incredibly proud of the dogs. This is natural – emotions go up and down throughout the race – similar to hitting the wall while running a marathon. The difference is that you can’t let the dogs know you are hitting the wall AND you have to be cheerleader not only for yourself, but for those awesome dogs that are pulling your behind across the Alaska Range. There is an extraordinary bond between Bruce and our dogs that I will never know, unless someday I am crazy enough to try this race – never say never when you are married to Bruce.

On the home front, Brody is changing every day. He started crawling this week and is getting into all sorts of good trouble. His second haircut is Monday in preparation for pictures in Nome The kiddo has a lot of hair for an 8 month old and he is talking up a storm, trying to tell us the story from his side.

So, as Bruce said goodbye last night, he said he would call when he got to Kaltag. Another long run up the Yukon River with the wind in his face. Once he gets there, the course should get easier…at least that is what I am hoping.

Until then, happy trails,
Melissa and Brody

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