Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday 3/15/09 pm Melissa's Post

Sunday Evening (sort of)...

Today was an excruciating day! For those following back east, if you could only imagine it looking like 12 noon at 7:30 at night. It feels as though the day is just beginning and I had to put Brody to bed while the sun is still shining brightly. The amount of daylight exacerbates the waiting…

I am itching to get to Nome, but I know once I get there, again left waiting, there will be nothing to do but that. There is not much to do in Nome, and if I were alone, I would partake in welcoming the other mushers crossing the burled arches at any time. But this year, with Brody, I would have to be more conservative – holding to nap and bed times of course.

The daylight is good and bad for Bruce depending on the temperatures. But, it looks like the temps are going to be just right for the rest of the trail. Currently, it is -3 in Nome – and that is exactly where we want them to be for the dogs to perform at their best.

Bruce should be finishing up his run to Kaltag this evening. He has been running an incredible race, I am so proud of him and the team – speechless actually. Together, we have accomplished so much is such little time. In addition to the fact we have a semi-competitive dog team in just three racing seasons. You have to understand, our first Iditarod team was made up of tour dogs… Bruce left with a touring toboggan sled at the start… and he finished too! We have come a long way… in just 2.5 years.

I have rented the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Stars Wars– all six episodes, hoping this will help kill the time. I can always count on the Harry Potter movies if need be… of course, my computer is right by side as well (and a good bottle of wine).

Before I say good night, I want to thank Maria who has been helping maintain the kennel. She is like an angel in our lives and we appreciate all her dedication and care for the dogs. We can’t thank you enough for all her help! THANK MARIA!

Happy Trails,
Melissa and sleeping Brody


Judi said...

Thanks for sharing your story with us. I am in awe at the success and perseverence you and Bruce have. You obviously make a great team. My husband is a type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump. I totally appreciate the sacrifice and the determination that Bruce has to make to compete at this level.
I was wondering where all of the mushing families stay while in Nome. I knew it was small and has limited lodging. That sounds like a great set up for your family. Sounds like Brody is bunches of fun! It's amazing how quick they grow and learn all of those fun things.
Thanks again for the update. You all are in our thoughts and we wish you happy and safe trails.
Go Bruce!!!!

No Limits Sled Dog Kennel said...

Hi Judi,
Thank you so much for writing back. Though I am not a writer, it helps pass the time jotting some thoughts down.
The last three years we have been housed at the Nome Baptist Church. Here, Pastor Bruce and wife Gloria, open up their church to Brenda Crim's mission group. There are probably over 150 missionaries staying there within the three week period. The missionaries help with the banquets, the dog lot, and so many other details of the race. Besides that, they organize huge fund raisers for the school and community in Nome. Likewise, when we go to Anchorage, Brenda always opens her home to us so we don't need to spend money on a hotel.
Not to mention all the fabulous food they share with us throughout our stay in Nome!
Last year I was prego in Nome so they are anxiously awaiting meeting Brody in person this year.

I would love to talk to you about being the wife of a diabetic sometime.

Thanks for writing!
Happy Trails,
Melissa (and crying brody)

Watson said...

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