Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday 3/13 3:00 p.m. - The Wall

Blog 3:00 Saturday March 13, 2010

Bruce called before getting ready to leave for Nulato. He was very upset and down. One, for being sick, and two, he lost his neckie and with the temps so, so cold, and the sickness that he has, it must have been brutal. I could barely understand his words between his hacking fits of coughing. I am very worried about his health right now and I think he is too. But you all know Bruce, he is worried about all the mushers on his tail, that could be passing him any time. He was crying I think, and said he might not come in the top 30 or beat his record from last year.

There are some wives of mushers who put pressure on their husbands to bring home the bacon so to speak. But that is not me – I pray for him and the dogs to have a wonderful race (to the extent it can be) and come home safe and sound. I wish him to grow as person, take the quiet time to reflect on all that is good (which in out lives, is hard to find the time to do sometimes). I would love a red lantern to hang in my living room (don’t tell Bruce that – he would get very angry). I am proud of him just for getting to the start line and participating. I am in awe every time.

Please send good thoughts for him – cheer him on and let him know we all support him no matter what. There were several unfortunate circumstances just before the start this added to the stress and chaos. Too boot, he was leaving behind me with two kids under two and that was a difficult decision for him to make. I pushed him to go and do the race when he wanted to stay home and call it a day.

Please send a musher gram to Unalkleet – call 907-248-mush and Iditarod HQ will help you. He needs to know we are thinking about him and routing for him.

Happy Trails!
Melissa, Brody and Shea

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Shiloh said...

Praying for you all - thanks for the updates. Do keep us posted as you're able. -MTupaj