Thursday, November 13, 2008

Running 24 dogs 24 miles…

We are in transition time when the ground is frozen, but there is not enough snow to run on sleds. This time of year comes every year, it just depends when and it always becomes a waiting game for our first substantial snowfall. We have been waiting a few weeks this year and we only have about an inch of snow on the ground. We are hoping to get some more snow in the next few days…

In the mean time, we need to try and keep the dogs running. In Kasilof, we have several options on how we can accomplish that. One of them becomes very useful when we go through this difficult time of year in our training program. We live right near the ocean and often times the sand on the beach will remain soft as the tides go up and down. It provides for quite a workout for the pups and it is good strength training. If any of you have ever tried to run on the beach you know what I mean.

So, we have been running on the beach for about 10 days. We run to Clam Gulch and back which is about 24 miles. The run is obviously flat and it sometimes can be a little boring, but the dogs don’t seem to mind and the views and sunsets can be beautiful. It is extremely peaceful out there. The beach is deserted this time of year except for a few wandering bald eagles. There are even a few freshwater streams along the way which provides some much needed watering holes for the pups! Below are some pictures of our training run last Saturday. We hooked up two 12 dog teams and had a fantastic 24 mile run in the sunshine!

Another episode of the Discovery Channel is set to air tomorrow Friday, Novermber 14th. This will be the fifth of six episodes. See you on TV!


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